Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Are you 100% certain that all of your critical business data and servers could be recovered and brought online in the event of a major disaster? If not, your entire business is in serious danger.


For a fixed monthly cost, our 360 degree diaster recovery solution will provide peace of mind and verifiable backups, diaster recover and business continuity. We will provide a diaster recovery appliance which provides all services, plus replicates a copy of your backups into a secure offsite datacenter for additional protection. A robust web interface provides access to all appliance functions such as reporting, scheduling, backup testing and more. Software agents are deployed from the appliance through the  web interface without any additional licensing requirements.


Even if the appliance itself is lost in a diaster, your data and servers are safe and can be brought back online - we can even ship your data on a USB drive or a fresh appliance which allows you to get up and running again quickly. Our experienced IT engineers are also available to assist with recovery.


Key features:


Immediate Diaster Recovery by Virtualization - boot up the most recent image of your crashed server directly on the backup appliance (onsite) - great for situations in which a server's hardware is totally destroyed or unserviceable. If the appliance itself is destroyed, the server can be brought up offsite as well.


Bare Metal Restore - recovery from total server loss


Microsoft Exchange Recovery - including recovery of individual messages


Microsoft SharePoint Recovery - including granular recovery


Ability to test Bare-metal and Virtual Machine backups to confirm validity - literally booting them up on the appliance to verify they are functional


Data Deduplication - saves storage space


Proactive monitoring of your backups around the clock


Monitoring of data integrity - prevent unwelcome corruption of backups


No hardware purchase is necessary - we provide all hardware


Replicate recovery data offsite - for extra security


Flexible Recovery - single or multiple files, multiple versions of files, VMDK/VHD (virtual machine), entire servers (bare metal restore)

The first step is to determine how much data storage overall is required - for example, 1 TB, 5 TB, etc. in order to backup all the servers and desktops which the appliance will protect. The monthly charges are based on this information - there are no server licenses or other licensing fees.


Once the appliance is installed, we will assist your IT department in deploying the backup agent to the servers and desktops to be protected, and determining a schedule for snapshots and backups. We will also assist with initial verification that the backups are valid and serviceable, as well as testing them (the appliance makes these tasks easy).


If a file is lost, our backup appliance makes it easy to drilled down through the backups, choose the correct version, and makes a snapshot of the server available over a shared folder. SImply copy the desired file or files back to the live environment, and you're back in business.


If an an entire server fails, there are multiple ways to get back online. For example, if the server's hardware is a total loss, the appliance can virtualize the last snapshot of the server and boot it within the appliance, immediately restoring services.


It's also possible to perform a bare metal restore, or restore to a Virtual Machine elsewhere on the network. 


We provide customized Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services to our customers - if you are unsure whether this solution is for you, or would like a free consultation, please contact us and we will be glad to help.