Next Generation (NG) Firewall

Solutrix Digital Shield




Digital Shield


The Solutrix Digital Shield (SDS) is a cyber defense tool that goes beyond the common protections provided by traditional firewalls. SDS widens the scope of the basic identification of external IP traffic to include intended application, user identity and source reputation of all incoming traffic.


How Does the Solutrix Digital Shield Protect Your Business?




Inbound Emails containing a virus or malware intercepted before infecting network.

Outbound Emails containing sensitive company or customer data prevented from leaving network.



 DS image  

SDS is being updated 24/7 by the Fortinet Safe Cloud to identify new threats that have been identified as dangerous. No downloads or software updates necessary.


 DS Reputation


Reputation protection for your company means customers feel secure

knowing their data isn’t vulnerable to dangerous threats.


Digital Shield Credit Card


Credit Card - PCI compliance still leaves data transfer open to unauthorized infiltrations onsite and off site from hackers attempting to gain access while traveling across the Internet.


Where is the Digital Shield Installed?


 SDS Installed location





Is Your Network Protected?

Take the 30 second Solutrix Digital Shield Network Security Test


If your network fails any of the tests, it could be vulnerable to an unwanted intrusion.


The Solutrix Digital Shield provides a degree of security that can't be found with current firewalls.


Compare the before and after results completed on the same network without and then with the Solutrix Digital Shield.


Without Digital Shield


Test Before



With the Solutrix Digital Shield Installed


Test Installed