SecureSystems Cybersecurity Audit

87% of all data breaches happen to small and mid-size businesses


46% Of consumers avoid a business after a breach as been made public.


$300,000 is the Average cost of a single data breach.


No two companies are alike when it comes to cybersecurity. With so many

threats to a company’s critical data, it can be confusing to figure out what is the right solution regarding data management procedures. The answer depends on a company’s internal capabilities, existing investments, tolerance for risk and many other factors. A good start is to identify where weaknesses may lie and institute new practices to reduce vulnerability.


The SecureSystems Cybersecurity Audit is designed to assess the current set of rules used by commercial or non-profit organizations to safeguard, transfer, process and disseminate information.


The SecureSystems process examines three levels of an organization’s treatment of secure information, how employees handle internal documents, how they send and receive external files and what safeguards are employed or missing from the company computer network. Through a series of interviews with company employees and a rigorous testing process using state of the art technology on the company network on both sides of the firewall, weaknesses are identified.


Once identified, a cyber security best practices report will propose specific measures that should be implemented to reduce the threat of data leakage or the network being compromised by an unwanted intrusion. The proposals in the report are designed to identify the right direction the company should take to improve it’s ability to operate in an increasingly digital world while reducing the chances of a data breach or network intrusion.


Everyone from hackers to disgruntled employees can compromise confidential data if it’s not properly protected. Instituting an ongoing process of examination and repair is the best way to insure a secure information system.